Goodbye Dissonance

Dissonance was a discord bot I created over 4 years ago (my first real bot), and it was actually my longest running project. Even though I stopped expanding it around 2019, I kept it running on my old server for years because there were so many people using it. At one point, someone added it to a server with 100,000 members, so I could technically boast that the bot has 100,000 users 😄.

The main reason I am taking it down at this particular time is Discord made lots of security improvements, including not allowing bots to read raw user messages. For most intents and purposes this is a great change, but it also breaks compatibility with this bot's legacy commands.

I still use discord regularly, you can say hi to me (username nathan, discrim 1119), but most of my programming time goes into work and game dev, not discord bots. I might make more bots in the future, if I do I will update this page!

(Note for archival purposes, the previous dissonance website has been saved to the wayback machine on URL:

(Written 2022-08-30)